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This story has everything:

A boy that turns into a dragon...and back again.

The longest,  most boring  train ride ever . Bully boys, making stuff, and a near disaster on the river.

There’s even magic, two court cases,  a plane ride and a song.

Join the Drako family, the nasty Purkisses, teacher Hippolyta Scythe, singer Solange Luna, and Percy the phenomenal child artist...... along with Gallo the superhero dragon!


Rob Saunders

Illustrations by Gillian Martin

Here's the introduction to the book read by my good friend Luc Peruse

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“Family, magic and mystery in a story not to be missed!”

Emma Smith


“The storyline is amazing, and just gets better and better as you read.”

Jessica Walker


“This is an adventure story for children but adults will enjoy it just as much.”

Emma Mackay



“Gallo will nestle in your heart, ...I'm not crying...I have something in my eye.”

Emma Mackay


“It covers important topics, bullying, following your dreams and never to be afraid to do the right thing.”

Patrice Gotting


“Delighting in its celebration of music, theatre and imagination it has an almost timeless, folkloric feel to it.”

Karen Cole



“This is such an adorable introduction to fantasy.”

Kerry Robinson


“Each chapter in itself is like a separate adventure – a little like The Faraway Tree books.“

Kerry Robinson